About YorubaGirl

Hi. I’m Bim Adewunmi. I’m a London-based freelance writer and journalist, writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites. I’m also working on a collection of short stories.

I love all ‘low culture’ and am a telly and film geek. As such, I’m that annoying person who quotes liberally from them – perennial favourites are The Princess Bride, Spaced, 30 Rock and Zoolander.

I am a Word Twist fiend, love books, crosswords, magazines, graphic novels, food and shopping, though not necessarily in that order. I wear my ‘sandal-wearing, bleeding heart liberal’ badge with pride.

I have awesome hair most of the time.

And from April 2010, this blog has moved to http//www.yorubagirldancing.com. See you there!


2 responses to “About YorubaGirl

  1. Steven Harris

    Bleeding heart liberals wouldn’t be complete without the sandals. Apparently they can only take them off their feet if they agree to go on a natujrist holiday. IS this true? 😀